If you’ve visited our Tasting Room you might have noticed that we have a room dedicated to our barrel-aging program.

This barrel room holds quite a few barrels that come from quite a few places and usually holds a good mix of red and white wine barrels, along with a number of different spirits barrels.

Some of these barrels contain beers that are souring. Others hold beers that have been fermented with Brettanomyces. And others yet might be beers that are taking on some of the great character of the barrels themselves.

We do our best to monitor temperature and humidity in our barrel room in order to give our barrels a consistent and constant environment in which to thrive.

Next time you’re in the taproom, take a peek through the big garage door into the barrel room and check out our barrels. Or, better yet, come by the taproom when we’re offering one of our brewery tours and see the barrels in their natural habitat!


Check out what’s currently aging in the Barrel Room!