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Star Wars Day Can Release

Star Wars Day Can Release is just around the corner on Thursday, 5/4/23, starting at noon! Come out to Divine Barrel Brewing for 5 DBB favorites! Check out what’s coming your way:

Cadillac Rainbows

Cadillac Rainbows: Tropical Sour, 4.0% ABV – This DBB classic Berliner was brewed with tons of mango, guava, passion fruit and peach. Cadillac Rainbows is a veritable fruit bomb in every way with a light, balancing tartness that tickles the tongue. This rainbow will take you to the central part of town!

4-pack Price: $17.99 + tax

Name Origin: Named after Phish lyrics from the song, “Halley’s Comet.”

Life Flows On

Life Flows On: Amber Lager, 5.2% ABV – A beautifully traditional Amber Lager. Expect soft, yet elegant, maltiness that delivers a rich toasty character. Complex enough to savor yet easy enough to enjoy on any occasion.

4-pack Price: $11.99 + tax

Name Origin: Named after lyrics from The Beatles song, “Within You Without You.”

Mexican Lager

Mexican Lager: Mexican Lager, 4.6% ABV – This super crusher Mexican Lager is light with a subtle impression of lime from the Motueka hops. Enjoy a clean malt flavor without the beer being too sweet! It’s perfect for the warm days ahead!

4-pack Price: $11.99 + tax

Name Origin: Name of the beer style.

Neon Distraction

Neon Distraction: Hazy IPA, 7.3% ABV, 20 IBUs – This hazy juice bomb will be sure to keep you occupied. It was double dry-hopped with copious amounts of Nelson Sauvin, Citra & Mandarina Bavaria for a brilliant beam of hops diverging between notes of tangerine, pineapple and white grape.

4-pack Price: $15.99 + tax

Name Origin: Named after the Tool song, “Aenema.”

Moving to Montana

Moving to Montana: West Coast IPA, 6.8% ABV, 95 IBUs – This dank West Coast IPA is loaded with Citra, Simcoe & Strata hops! Swirling notes of ripe and juicy strawberry, zesty grapefruit, and evergreen forests stand front and center. You’ll be packing your bags for Montana in no time after a few of these clear hoppy numbers!

4-pack Price: $15.99 + tax

Name Origin: Named after the Frank Zappa song, “Moving to Montana.”