Sour Power Incoming

Get over to NoDa this Thursday, October 14, 2021 when we open at noon for a double sour can release! We’re bringing back two of our all-time favorite OGs sours for this release! Come by and grab 4-packs of Cadillac Rainbows and Ice Cream Paint Job! Let these tropical and pastry Berliners take your taste buds on a magic carpet ride to flavor town! Like with all of our can releases, our cans will be available for pre-order the day before the release at noon! Read more about each  of these tasty and tart brews below:

Cadillac Rainbows

Cadillac Rainbows: Tropical Sour, 4.6% ABV – This DBB classic Berliner was brewed with massive amounts of mango, guava, passion fruit and peach. This brew is a veritable fruit bomb in every way with a light, balancing tartness that tickles the tongue. This liquid rainbow will take you to the central part of town!

4-pack Pricing: $16.99 + tax

Ice Cream Paint Job

Ice Cream Paint Job: Pastry Sour, 4.6% ABV – An extremely jammy Berliner Weisse fermented with vanilla, lactose, and over 500 lbs of raspberries, sweet cherries & blueberries. Sweet jammy fruit and vanilla explode on the forefront with a subdued lactic and berry tartness to round it out.

4-pack Pricing: $16.99 + tax