Here at Divine Barrel we love brewing all sorts of different and unique beers, so you’ll always find a little bit of everything when visiting our taproom.

However, there is a special place in our team’s collective heart for wild and sour beers. In fact, our real focus lies in building and developing our barrel and foeder program that grows with us over time and lets us share our passion and excitement for wood fermented and wood-aged beers with the Charlotte community and beyond.


Inspiration comes from a lot of different places. It’s actually out of a slight (or not so slight…) obsession for wild yeast and mixed-culture fermentations that our name was born.

The “Divine” part is really two-fold. First, when dealing with wild yeast and bacteria, which can be fickle at the best of times, you often need a little help from the universe. Some may call it luck, others might call it fate and some would even go so far as to call it divine intervention. However you label it, we’ve learned that when dealing with beers like this the brewer controls what he or she can and the rest is up to the “bugs” and Mother Nature.

The second part of “Divine” comes from some fairly simple definitions of the word itself. One definition we’re particularly fond of is “unusually lovely”. All beer should be cared for and nurtured into meeting its full potential. However, with wood-fermented and aged wilds and sours, it’s a crazy combination of brewing process, ingredients, oak, time and some assistance from outside forces that all play a role in beers like this becoming greater than the sum of their parts…or, unusually lovely.

The “Barrel” part of our name should be more self-explanatory but shouldn’t be overlooked. Without our oak barrels and foeders, and their ability to harbor our cultures, our wild and sour program wouldn’t be the same. On top of that, the wood itself becomes an ingredient and offers up some of its own character to these finished beers.

Ultimately, our name came out of the combination of our passion for quality beer, much finger crossing, the unique role wood plays in fermenting and ageing and the hope that we’ve created something that will be memorable and amazing.