Czech Pils Is In

Czech Pils Is In

We have always been very proud of our Czech Pils! We consider it one of our three flagship beers for a reason. Lager is delicate, and the numerous sub-styles are incredibly difficult to brew, and brew well. We always say there’s nothing to hide behind. Brewing beautiful Lager like a Czech Pils takes an obsessive attention to detail within the brewing process, great ingredients, and patience. Lagers take a bit longer to find their final form compared to their Ale counterparts. I promise… there’s a point to all of this.

Czech Pils

Submitting Czech Pils

We decided to take a chance and submitted Czech Pils for review to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine with no guarantee we’d ever see a review. If you’re not familiar with the publication, they’re a wonderfully informative publication about the brewing industry, and their beer reviews are held with incredible esteem. We just heard back from them, and we got some excellent news! Czech Pils was reviewed by their panel and several of their editors, and they gave it a whopping 95/100! We are absolutely floored!

Czech Out What They Said

We’re only going to share a snippet of what our friends said in their review because you should go read the Czech Pils Review in its entirety on their site! Here is what their panel thinks, “Clean, crisp bitterness dominates. Grassy hop nose with a touch of sulfur. Lean-bodied, firm bitterness with a burst of lemon hop flavor quickly disappears into an off-dry finish. Dry and lean, crisp with a hint of graininess as it warms.” We couldn’t have verbalized their thoughts any better, and we can’t thank their team enough for the kind words. We hope you’ll stop by to grab a 20oz traditional side pour of Czech Pils on your next visit to DBB!