Can you dig it?

Can You Dig It?

Our next can release is a doozy! Get over to DBB on Thursday, April 7, 2022, starting at noon for a quadruple can release! We’re dropping several fan favorites and a new Lager! As always, you can pre-order 4-packs of these delicious craft beers on Wednesday, the day before the release. Check out what’s coming your way:

West Coast Pale Ale

Richard Flare Chest Chop

Richard Flare Chest Chop: West Coast Pale Ale, 5.8% ABV, 40 IBUs – As flamboyant as a super star wrestler, this clear West Coast Pale Ale was generously hopped with nothing but the choicest Cascade like the classic Pale Ale that started it all. It’s insanely drinkable, with beautiful notes of freshly zested grapefruit and slight tones of sticky pine. This one will have you stylin’ and profilin’ in no time!

4-pack Pricing: $12.99 + tax

Brewed with our friends at Vitamin Sea Brewing!

Perception is Spoonfed

Perception is Spoonfed: Coconut Key Lime Pie Pastry Sour, 6.0% ABV – Brewed in a collaboration with Vitamin Sea Brewing. This coconut key lime pie inspired pastry Berliner was brewed with vibrant key lime, flaked coconut and velvety lactose. It was then hit with creamy vanilla, tons of marshmallow and rich graham cracker to bring it full circle. Kick back, relax and let this tropical treat alter your perception and transport you to a breezy Key West beach. Hemingway would approve.

4-pack Pricing: $18.99 + tax

Helles: Munich Helles Lager, 5.0% ABV – This delightfully golden and clear lager is the perfect Spring-time treat! This traditional German lager has a soft and clean malty character balanced by a restrained touch of floral hoppy bitterness. It’s cold, it’s gold and you need a refill!

4-pack Pricing: $11.99 + tax

ALL the peanut butter!

We’re Out of Peanut Butter, Frank

We’re Out of Peanut Butter, Frank: Peanut Butter Porter, 6.8% ABV – An American Porter brewed with scoops and scoops of creamy peanut butter for our wonderful Sales Manager, Frank Romero. This classic porter base with notes of chocolate is only enhanced by the rich, salty yet sweet peanut butter character. Don’t worry, Frankie, we’ve got plenty!

4-pack Pricing: $12.99 + tax