Today we start a fun series where we get to know some of the people that have helped shape #DBB into the brewery we are today! We start with our artist/designer, Dave Kaminsky! He’s been an integral part of molding our brand and vision by creating our logo, posters, and any other artwork you see. We are so fortunate to have such a talented artist and good friend apart of the family! Let’s get to know Dave a little:

Q) What is your name?

A) Dave Kaminsky
a.k.a. dk
a.k.a. decay

Q) What do you do for a living?

A) I’m a pixel pusher. I make graphics and animations for a local television station. I also illustrate and make digital & sculptural art.

Q) How did you get involved in your profession?

A) My mom was an artist and a designer; she influenced this for sure, whether genetically or environmentally. I’ve been drawing and making art since I was a kid so it just felt like a natural direction for me to go in. I studied graphic design in college and was able to land a broadcast design job fairly quickly out of school. I make art on the side and do some freelancing as well.

Q) What first brought you to the world of craft beer?

A) I am always willing to try new brews and expand my tastes. I lived in Northern California for about 7 years and felt like that was the biggest influence that changed my beer palate. As the craft beer community has grown in Charlotte, I’ve gotten to know brewers and beer heads around town which lead me to doing some design work for Salud in Noda and illustrating can labels for Heist as well. It’s been a hoppy ride and I enjoy merging two of my favorite things: beer and art.

Q) What are some of your favorite styles to drink on a regular basis?

A) I really like sours and pale ales. Lagers are great too. I really don’t have a favorite – I think having a different beer every time is my favorite. So many to try!

Q) If you had to select one beer as a desert island beer, what would you choose, and why?

A) That’s a tough one, because I love variety. A desert island beer can’t be too weird or niche, something you can drink daily…possibly unrefrigerated. Is there a fridge on the island at least? Founder’s All Day IPA.

Q) How did you come to find out about Divine Barrel, and what has been your involvement with the brewery?

A) Proud to say, I found out about Divine Barrel when Ben Dolphens asked me to design the logo! It’s been my absolute pleasure to help Ben, Gavin and Scott with branding, design and all their graphic needs for the brewery. I love the direction they’ve taken and the space they’ve created…and feel honored to be a part of it.

Q) What is your favorite beer #DBB has made so far?

A) Oh man, I have too many favorites. The Big Lubelski is such a fantastic and unique brew. I also love Petite Amie, and All Squares Are Rectangles, and Finger Guns….ok, I think I love all of them.

Q) What do you like most about #DBB?

A) Feeling like I’ve contributed to something so cool. Also, when the train and the light rail both go by at the same time while I’m taking a cool sip of ale as the setting sun beams across the old barn wood. That and Gavin’s dad jokes.

Q) What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

A) Making art and playing boardgames.
I have an art studio at home and it’s my happy place. Nothing more satisfying than creating something out of nothing; taking an idea in your head and seeing it come to life.
I’ve immersed deeper into the boardgame hobby too, which is such a great way to unplug, play, and interact with friends. I’m hosting a monthly boardgame meetup at the Brewery – keep an eye out for announcements!

Q) What is your favorite kind of music, and who is your favorite band?

A) Electronic, Indie and Ambient are probably my favorite genres. Radiohead tops the list, but lately I’ve really been enjoying Cigarettes After Sex and Jon Hopkins. I will always have a place in my heart for The Cure….they are timeless and give me feels like no other band.

Q) If you could drink a beer with one person from history, dead or alive, who would you want to drink with?

A) I’d love a beer with Kurt Vonnegut. He is one of my biggest idols. Rasputin would be kind of wild too. I’d have to take my beer to the bathroom with me though, you can’t trust that dude.

Thank you immensely for all your hard work for us. We truly appreciate everything you do for us, and we love the vision you have for our brewery!