Heater Update

Well friends, thankfully we can officially re-open our taproom to regular business hours starting today, Wednesday, January 19, 2022! Come in, stay warm, and grab a few $4 pints from 4-9pm! We sincerely appreciate your patience, understanding, and support these last two days!

Special Taproom Hours

Dearest friends, please take note of our special taproom hours for the time being. Both of our taproom HVAC units decided to conveniently fail catastrophically on us during the recent winter storm, and it’s more than likely going to take a couple days to fix the issue. So, as a result, we are planning on adjusting our taproom hours until the issue is fixed! Until further notice, we’ll be operating from 12-6pm every day! Bundle up, come by for a bit, and help us pay for these new units! We’ve got tons of cans, draught beer, merch, and gift cards. Every little bit helps us and our wonderful bartenders immensely, so come by and see us, or place an online order below!