We’ve got 3 new beers and one returning bitterboi we love!

Mid May Can Release

Hop in a car with your friends because gas is scarce right now! We’ve got 4 new cans coming your way on Thursday, May 13th when we open at noon! These four amazing beers will also be on tap for the release, so you can make sure you love each beer like we do! Secure your 4-packs right now by heading to our web shop, and placing a contactless order. You can come visit us to pick up your order. We also offer curbside delivery if you call us from the parking lot. Finally, we typically have a home delivery service for residents of Mecklenburg County, but we’re putting that on hold until the gas shortage straightens out! We appreciate your understanding. Keep reading to see what all of these tasty brews are all about:

This Berliner Weisse is loaded with fresh raspberry & peach!

Disco Nap

Disco Nap: Berliner Weisse, 4.8% ABV – Brewed with loads of fresh raspberry and peach, this tantalizingly tart sour will have you putting on your dancing shoes. Tangy raspberry and juicy, sweet peach take turns leading this disco dance.

4-pack Price: $16.99 + tax

We loaded this Imperial Stout with wild Thai banana, creamy vanilla and flaky graham cracker.

Split Open & Melt

Split Open & Melt: Imperial Stout, 11.0% ABV – We’re going bananas over this decadent Imperial Stout brewed with loads of ripe wild Thai banana, luscious vanilla & flaky graham crackers. When you’re introduced to swirling notes of banana split with heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream in this heavenly stout you’ll split open and melt.

4-pack Price: $20.99 + tax

We took our crushable American Lager and added just enough tangy lime!

Lime Lager

Lime Lager: American Lager, 5.2% ABV – We took our American Lager recipe and added just enough tangy lime to make this a perfect and refreshing heat beating treat!

4-pack Price: $10.99 + tax

This house favorite bitterboi is jam packed with Citra, Amarillo, Chinook & Simcoe hops!

Finger Guns

Finger Guns: West Coast DIPA, 8.7% ABV, 110 IBUs – This throwback monster DIPA was hopped with Citra, Amarillo, Chinook & Simcoe. It’s, big, bold, yet dangerously drinkable. We get notes reminding us of freshly cut pine, sliced ruby red grapefruit, and strolling through blossoming citrus groves.

4-pack Price: $16.99 + tax