Psychedelic Research Project

The DBB Labs are looking for 47 brave guinea pigs… I mean test subjects to take part in the Psychedelic Research Project! This is a year-long commitment assisting the mad scientists of DBB to perfect the ever-juicy Hazy IPA! Volunteers will taste test each variant we release quarterly, take notes, and work directly with us to give their honest feedback about the beers. We’ll use that feedback to improve upon the following beers! Here’s what else you can expect when you sign up:

– 1 4-pack & Pint of Psychedelic Research Project IPA variant each release
– PRP logo glass
– Quarterly tasting & educational parties
– PRP Shirt at graduation
– Merch & fun surprises along the way

The PRP welcome party will take place on Thursday, 11/2/23, at 6:47pm, where volunteers will be able to pick up their PRP welcome kits, beer, intro to the project, and enjoy a brewery tour! It’s just $50 to sign up by hitting the link below, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this wild and wonderful year-long journey with 47 of you!

Psychedelic Research Project Trailer