Thank You Caroline’s Corner

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to take a sick child to the ER! However, there are incredible organizations like our friends at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Charlotte doing incredible work in this city to help families get through tough times. It’s one of the numerous reasons we love to partner with RMH so closely! I have been lucky enough to work on their Marketing Committee for two years and get to help from the sidelines. My family experienced the loving embrace of their hard work when our daughter, Lillia, was admitted to the hospital for a respiratory illness. Caroline’s Corner provided a respite during an incredibly tough few days for my wife, Katherine, and me. We were able to share our unique experience about Caroline’s Corner and want to share it with our amazing fans as well!

Feel the love at Caroline’s Corner!

What is Caroline’s Corner?

This idea was started in 2021 as a way to offer complementary simple comforts to families. Caroline’s Corner offers a bevy of snacks, grab and go meals, beverages, a beautiful shower, and laundry. They even have the Happy Wheels Cart, which they’ll push from room to room so children can pick out toys, books and snacks. Lillia picked out a plushy stuffed animal horse she loved on, as well as one of her favorite bedtime stories, Ducks Don’t Wear Socks. The moment you walk into Caroline’s Corner, you just feel comforted and welcomed. It’s run by volunteers on a daily basis. You can see the amount of love and care that goes into everything about Caroline’s Corner.

Happy Wheels on the move!

Our Experience

Katherine and I raced to Hemby Children’s Hospital at around 1:00 am late one night because Lillia was struggling to breathe. It was absolutely terrifying as first-time parents! We eventually moved into a room so Lillia could receive the proper treatment for her Bronchiolitis. Our nurse reminded us about Caroline’s Corner. After getting settled, we ventured into the room I’d heard so much about through the RMH Marketing Committee. After we walked in, we were absolutely stunned! The numerous amenities helped put us at ease. Whether it was grabbing a slushie, washing Lillia’s clothes, or taking advantage of a nice shower, it was immensely helpful. Katherine and I were allowed to be more comfortable and remain focused on Lillia’s care as a result. We are very lucky our stay was so short, but we’re so grateful for Caroline’s Corner!

Caroline’s Corner is so helpful!