We stand with women and all marginalized groups who’ve been subjected to mistreatment in our industry.

We Stand With You In Support

It’s been a truly gut-wrenching last few days reading through the countless stories of sexual assault, harassment, and the overall victimization of women in the craft beer industry. It’s clear our industry has a sizeable amount of work to do in creating a safe, equitable and fair work environment for everyone.

Divine Barrel Brewing is committed to ensuring a safe space for all to work and relax in, no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation or creed. We promise to be a better ally and advocate moving forward. The time to sit quietly is over, and meaningful change must start NOW!

We always strive to be our best, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to become better versions of ourselves. Internal discussions with our team about how we can improve our allyship have already taken place. We will also be instituting several more actionable items around the taproom to help keep everyone employed here and everyone who visits our space even safer.