Beer Flavored Beer is our American Lager!

Lager is Life

It’s a popular adage in craft beer these days to say, “Lager is life!” We can get behind this mantra. Our friends at Hop Culture Magazine just published an article about The Best Craft Lagers You Can Drink Right Now, and Beer Flavored Beer is included! We are so honored to be amongst some of the very best Lager producers in the world!

Simple branding aside, we take our Lagers very seriously, and to be included on a list with some of these heavy-hitters means the world to us. Beer Flavored Beer is our traditional American Lager, and what you see is what you get. As we say in the description, “please reference the beer name for tasting notes.” Congratulations to all of the fellow rad breweries who also made the list. Come to our Charlotte brewery to try one of the best Lagers in America while it’s still around!

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