Pull up a seat with us!

We’re One of the Best!

Our unusually lovely little brewery got a big surprise at the end of 2022! Hop Culture Magazine named Divine Barrel Brewing one of the top 14 Craft Breweries of 2022! We can’t tell you how honored we are to make this list! For perspective, there are over 9,500 craft breweries and brewpubs operating in the United States of America, so to make this list is kind of a big deal! We are also the only North Carolina brewery to make the best breweries list out of 380 breweries located in our state. We were selected by John Kirkpatrick, Vice President of Digital Marketing for Next Glass. This is what he had to say about our little Charlotte brewery:

“No matter the style, whatever Divine Barrel produces is amazing. As voted by the Charlotte subreddit in a 10+ round battle royale, this brewery is no hidden gem.

When it comes to the actual beer, my last favorite was “I Did It All For The Wookie,” a cold IPA that was super crisp but still packed a nice hop punch.

And I’m looking forward to their annual Defensive Pancake beer that just dropped this month for a cold weather treat.”

We can’t thank Hop Culture Magazine enough for thinking highly enough of us to make us a part of the list. Congratulations to all of the other amazing breweries included. There are so many breweries who could easily be named, so we’re truly thankful for the love and recognition. Here’s to crushing another year of unusually lovely beer in 2023!