The Bitterboi represents everything we love about hoppy West Coast beers!

What the heck is a bitterboi? I’m sure some of you have wondered what all the fuss is over when we refer to some of our beers as bitterbois. Well, we’re here today to clear up any confusion you may have in this edition of BlogDBB, as well as profess our love for the Bitterboi! To put it simply, a bitterboi is what we so affectionately refer to as any hoppy West Coast beer we brew! My plan is to walk you through a brief history of the West Coast IPA. I will tell you exactly what a bitterboi means to the Divine Barrel Brewing family. Finally, we’ll give you even more insider info about the logo, and the fun meaning behind it. Crack open a tiny piny can of hops and read on!

A Brief History Lesson

Knowing where you come from is important, so let’s delve a little deeper into the history of the West Coast IPA! I promise to keep this section brief, as I know you didn’t come to read this piece for its historical non-fiction. The history of brewing beer dates back as far as 7,000 years ago to ancient Mesopotamia, so there’s a long and rich history of brewing. When it comes to the almighty IPA, it really got popularized in England back in the early 1800’s. British soldiers stationed in far away India would long for beer from home, but it would typically spoil during the long journey from England to India. Thus, the India Pale Ale was born. Brewers began over-hopping their malty ales due to the protective and preserving qualities hops possess. Finally, British soldiers were able to drink the beer they pined for! Now, the West Coast IPA is obviously an American creation, so while it’s a much more modern interpretation of an IPA, it’s still a classic style within American brewing vernacular based on the constant innovation happening in our industry, The craft revolution really started to take hold during the 90’s here in America, and that’s when brewers started to really take the idea of an IPA and run with it. British IPAs, while hoppy, are more known for their malt and hop balance. West Coasts, on the other hand, focus more on the hops, and less so on the malt. So now you know where we came from. Let’s look ahead to where we are now!

What Bitterboi Means to Us

In today’s craft beer market, we’re swimming in a sea of haze. The proliferation of the New England or hazy IPA has taken the craft beer movement by storm in the last 5-10 years. There’s no denying their popularity. When you stroll through bottle shops or taprooms, hazy IPAs are the predominant hoppy option. It’s funny though, because not too long ago, West Coast IPAs were the hazy IPA of craft beer. Instead of breweries attempting to replicate orange juice, they were trying to cram as many IBUs into these crystal clear beauties as possible! Please don’t get us wrong, we enjoy a well-executed hazy as much as the next person, but the almighty Bitterboi will always remain atop the pantheon of hoppy beer styles for us! In fact, we have conscientiously made it part of our mission to help keep this beautiful style alive! But why do we prefer a bitterboi? For starters, we simply enjoy drinking them the most! We also find West Coasts are a better canvas to paint on using the innumerable amount of hops grown throughout the world. Just based on ingredients used, it’s harder to cover up the imperfections in a bitterboi vs a hazy. If you’ve tried any of ours then you already know we are very intentional in striving to create a wide array of hoppy profiles. Ben Dolphens, Head Brewer & Co-Owner adds, “they should be so clear you can read a newspaper through the glass.” Alright, so you now know the history and philosophy behind our bitterbois. What’s up with that logo of an old man who looks like he’s sucked on a lemon?

What’s with the Logo?

We love Dave Kaminsky! He is the mad genius behind all our intricate and beautiful beer labels! We asked Dave to create a logo for us encapsulating everything we love about a West Coast! After a little discussion, Dave created THE bitterboi! Designed so his face clearly looks like he just got rocked by a bone dry, piny hop bomb, but just as soon as the rush of IBUs subsides, he’ll be ready for another sip! Even the color scheme has a meaning. A West Coast is typically crystal clear and golden in color. The green pays homage to all the hops we showcase! If you want a fun tip about Dave’s labels, just pick up a bitterboi 4-pack and inspect the labels closely! Dave always hides that beautifully bitter face within every label as an Easter Egg! Sometimes the bitterboi face is plain as day, and sometimes you’ll really have to look for him! Can you find the bitterboi in this Dank Zappa label we plan on releasing as part of our 3 Year Anniversary celebration? How did you like that casual plug by the way haha?

Can you find bitterboi in this Dank Zappa label designed by Dave Kaminsky?

Well, there you have it, folks! You should be an expert now on all things bitterboi! You got to learn a brief history about the style. Our mindset towards the West Coast style should be much clearer. Finally, now that you know all about the bitterboi logo, you’ll be able to fully appreciate our West Coast cans! If you’ve never given a bitterboi a try then come by the taproom soon to marvel your taste buds! We always have at least one on tap. But, if you’re struggling to choose one then just ask our friendly and knowledgeable bartenders for a recommendation! You could also pop in on a Monday and try them all as part of your $8 flight board! Finally, hit the link below to check out the new monthly themed Spotify playlist we’re introducing! They will contain tunes that make us think of what we’re writing about, as well as some heaters we’re listening to. Thank you so much for checking out February’s edition of BlogDBB. Please come back to read next month edition! Cheers, stay safe, and as always, be kind to one another!

In an attempt to give you even more insight, check out this month’s Bitterboi Spotify Playlist, which contains songs we’ve named our West Coasts after!