Hey there, friends! Welcome to the very first edition of the Divine Barrel Brewing blog! We’ve created this blog with the intention to give you a different perspective about all things beer. My name is James Amato, and I run the marketing for the brewery, so you’re stuck with me writing the lion’s share of these blog posts, for better or worse! These posts are meant as a way for us to give you different perspectives on a wide array of topics, many of which probably won’t be posted on our various social media channels. This blog will be our outlet to express our thoughts, experiences, insights into DBB/this crazy industry, interviews, likes/gripes and quite honestly whatever speaks to us at the time. We’ll try not to just write about our love for the rapid growth of Untappd and all the expert reviews posted that definitely don’t make us want to pull our hair out…

What I hope to accomplish with this first blog post is to introduce you to the Divine Barrel Brewing ethos. It’s something all of us here try to live and breathe every single day. The first thing you should know about us is that we’re obsessed with making the best beer in the world. Ben is constantly experimenting, tweaking and tinkering to improve recipes and processes in order to help make this obsession a reality. Unlike many breweries that have begun to specialize in making just one or two styles well, we take extreme pride in the fact that we are able to offer a wide portfolio of well-executed and approachable beers, clean, wild or barrel aged.

We’re nestled here in the creative arts district of NoDa, and it’s imperative for us to always support and grow this neighborhood and city anyway we can. Some of the ways we try to accomplish this is through partnering with non-profits, street clean ups, donations, supporting the arts, or maintaining a voice within the NoDa Business Association to help shape the future of our neighborhood. We have a platform, so we see it as our obligation to help set a positive example for others!

The last thing our team is obsessed with is creating the warmest and most comfortable environment for all to imbibe in. We try to accomplish this by having a staff that is always attentive, friendly and genuinely cares about you. Our team is a family, and we want you to feel like you are a part of that family when you walk through these doors. Come on any given day and we’ll have our unique taproom games out, a concert going on (we’re kind of scarily obsessed with music here) or some sort of fun party like our NoDaHood Market, which is our huge monthly pop up market!

I hope this first post has been informative and given you a bit more perspective about the mindset of our Divine Barrel Brewing family. Please know that we love you, this city, and we’ll always try to do right by you! The next blog post you can expect is to discuss our next canning project that’s especially near and dear to our hearts. Until next time cool kids, James signing out!